Decade Themed Mirror

Decade Themed Mirror


Liven up your bathroom, store, or even your office with this handmade one of a kind beautiful decade themed 13" x 49" body mirror with laminated cutouts, multi-colored fairy lights, and an optional custom picture collage. (90’s themed pictured).

Pick up or delivery options are also available for residents in Metro Detroit.

Put what decade you want in the "Notes & Instructions" section at checkout!

We will email you following your purchase to determine if you need delivery services or pick up from one of our featured galleries.

Decade Themed Mirror Image 2 Decade Themed Mirror Image 3 Decade Themed Mirror Image 4 Decade Themed Mirror Image 5
18” Color Picture Collage
BULK 18” Acrylic Pour Letter
18” Acrylic Pour Letter
BULK 24” Acrylic Pour Letter
BULK 13” Acrylic Pour Letters
13” Acrylic Pour Letter
BULK 13” Color Picture Collage
13” Color Picture Collage
BULK 13” Black & White Picture Collage
13” Black & White Picture Collage
Decorative Mirrors
$70.00 - $100.00
Sawtooth Hanger Back
Velcro HANGables
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