The Garden Bag

The Garden Bag


Liven up your bathroom, store, or even your office this handmade one of a kind beautiful paint pour on a stretched canvas!

Comes with two saw tooth hanger backs for displaying!

Canvas size: 12” x 24”

We will email you following your purchase to determine your choice of shipping or pick up information from one of our featured galleries.

Acrylic pour painting with texture.

The Garden Bag Image 2 The Garden Bag Image 3
Purple Pathway
Mardi Gras Dance
$30.00 — Sold out
Malachite Pink Charm
Blue-violet Dreams
Queen Pink Lavender
Cherry Blossom Storm
Halloween Hail
Power Amethyst
Radical Sherbet
Heated Neon Indigo
Twilight Amethyst
Extreme Cyan Grape
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